About Me

Myra Thiessen, is a Tampa Florida professional fine art photographer. Originally an oil painter, she combined her love for painting with her love of photography. Her painter's eye brought imagination and depth to the camera lens. Over the years she's delved into many genres  of photography, her favorite is fine art portraits and story telling through the lens. 

Artist Statement 

"To me photography isn't just a picture, it's a piece of ART. I feel like the second the shutter is pressed, you have stopped time and made memories for generations to come"

She says a picture is like speaking a thousand words, but to her it is saving a memory that will otherwise become a blur with time.

She has received her Masters with MPI Master photographer International  and currently working towards her Masters for PPA- FPP. She currently a member of PPA, FPP, MPI, WPPI and her local guilds. She is also a member of Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artist.

Among many Awards/Merits and Exhibitions she was awarded

Top 10 Photographer 2018 & 2019 from Florida Professional Photographers 

2019 Photographer of the Year for her Local Guild.

2020 Copyright Myra Thiessen Photography

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